Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Warlord lands

I'm sitting in Bugmans right now doing some sketches for some fancy molding I'm planning on the beast. 

The open day weekend was fantastic. Dinner with Blanche, John Ashton and Tim Malloy. Followed by a night of drinking and chatting about how the 41st millennium is probably a lot darker than we first thought. The words "baby farms planet" cropped up a lot. Hotel was shitting awful, but none of that mattered when I picked up Jessica. My warlord. I did end up with the triple lasers and one bellicose cannon. Only because I want to end up with all the weapon options eventually and those triple lasers look the tits. Turns out I bought the perfect size luggage too :)



  1. Hi Henry, sorry I didn't get chance to get down there and have that pint, the day looked fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on those Titan transfer sheets! My warlord arrives hopefully either tomorrow or Tuesday, and like you I only bought 1 volcano cannon as I'm waiting on the plasma annhiliator 😀

    1. Fantastic! Get that blog going! And join the warlord princeps group on Facebook. I got to speak to the sculptor today. It's going to go power claw, then plasma annihilator then talk of rocket and then gattling gun. So good news all round!!

  2. Excellent news can't wait for that weapon, just asked to join the group and I'll get my blog going, now which legio to do.....hmmm

  3. That's just fantastic that it perfectly fits in the luggage :)