Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Carved from stone

As soon as the build was finished I press moulded several heads and bits of the warlord to practice and use on bases for projects in the future. Really didn't want to mess up a chunk of this and have to strip it back down so it seemed the best way. The press mould technique is very rough but great for throw away bits. 

Studying reference is the key here. 

Looking at real marble and seeing how its formed makes a huge difference.

And of course going back into my painting Buddha catalogue and watching their incredible marble tutorial. 

You can subscribe to them here for less than a cup of coffee a month.

Thanks for reading! 
Any suggestions or comments welcome
Happy painting! 


  1. You are just full of lovely tips! Press mould is brilliant.

    1. cheers dude! the press mould i use can be found here. best to buy a few packs.