Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Warlord: Belicosa Volcano Cannon Design

The cannon is beast. Its flipping huge. And it needs no help to look intimidating. So its really turned into a very easy canvas. Five patches of open armor, and the rest in various shades of gold, bronze, brass and Iron.

The only part of the mock up I really don't like are the kill markings in the top right. The checker works but the skulls look a bit ... obvious. Maybe small Fleur de lis or something like that.

This wont be turning into a build blog, and there will only be one big post on pinning, glueing, cleaning etc. to keep it practical. I really wanted this to be purely design and process.
But.. well.. yeah.

Thanks for reading!
And happy painting!


  1. For me spades works better than skulls ;)

    Happy painting henry!

  2. I've got a tad of gun envy... that thing is enormous.

    I'd work up your heraldry proper and then take your kill markings from there. For example: what elements is the household coat of arms constituted from? Take one of those elements and repeat that individually as kill markers.