Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Warlord: part 2

Having decided which style I'm going with "The Ancient Relic", now its time for fonts, colours and designs. While the head is just a small piece, its going to set the tone for the rest of the Warlord.

At the moment I'm leaning towards either a de-contrasted blue (No.1) or the pale bone (No.6). Would love to hear your thoughts.

As for the name, I'm still throwing ideas around, at the moment I'm thinking "the Walking Death" "Ambulans Mortem". Something simple and Gothic. And something that fits with the medieval tone of the scheme I've been picking fonts based on that.

Thanks for reading! And happy painting!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Titan

"A Titan has only three enemies: folly, hubris, and another of its own kind."

— Grand Master Volkus, Ordo Sinister of the Divisio Militaris

The Warlord titan isn't just the biggest thing in the 41st millennium but one of the biggest to come out of Forgeworld studio. Also the most expensive thing I've ever bought in my long carrer as a collector. (You can see my smaller work over on So why not plan ahead.

You've all see the "unboxing" videos and the look at what I've bought photos, so what I'm going to do with this blog is show you my inner workings when approaching this daunting project. A psychiatrists sofa,

a mood board, and reminding me what paints I've used at once! 

I am a huge fan of the G+ community, which keeps me motivated and a great place to get inspired to get those brushes out for smaller updates you will probably find me on this board! (

So whats with the heads?! My job in the real world is as a texture artist. Most recently on Johnathan Strange for the BBC and previously as Lead texture artist on Gravity and senior artist on Guardians of the Galaxy. I spend all day using some form of graphics software so why not plan by pre-painting the whole thing. Nail down exactly what I want to do. 

 White Knight


I love me a limited pallet. Really focusing down to realism. And bone white is striking and a great base to add weathering to. Old School

Going back over the various titan illustrations from John Blanche, Jes Goodwin and the many tallented illustrators over at GW, the striking colours in many titans are prevelant. Although it may end up looking too busy over such a vast scale.

Delfts Blue


 I love the delft china pattern anyway, but also the contrast between the vast, blasting, dusty, soot covered, might of the titan and the delicate, swirling pattern of the pattern might make for something unique.

Wall of Iron


 Dark, rusty, destroyer of worlds. A no nonsense design, purely functional but a place that I could show off my weathering. Chipped hard iron.

Relic of the past

 I'm fascinated by medieval heraldry anyway, but something truly ornate like a kings armor with intricate florets would look fabulous, again a nice contrast of delicate beauty and crushing monster.
The God Machine

Not sure if its my favorite but it would be a statement. A machine for death. No funny business.

So there you go. I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. I'll be picking up the kit on the 5th at the Forgeworld openday in Nottingham, not that that will speed up the process any haha.

Happy painting! And welcome to the beginning!