Thursday, 26 November 2015

Freehand and grills.

Fell in love with the beta head from Forgeworld. The grill reminded me of the old Blanche illustrations and it looks meaner and grumpier than the other one. 

As for the shields. 

I've left the name and the honour badges blank to fill in after actual battles that he's fought and when I come up with a name of corse. 

Fist of fury

Really it's the Saturnyne Lascutter of fury! From concept to completion this thing has been a bugger. But I really wanted a smashy hand soooo yeah. 

So here was the concept 

And the claw mid sculpt. 

After much messing around I finally decided the eagle wasn't going to fit with the asthetic so after sculpting and drawing and planning it's now back in my  draw lol. 

The weapons of war

This project has taught me a huge amount about big models and painting towards a goal. 
The biggest lesson has been painting rough layers to refine. Testing quickly and with colours that contrast and complement eachother. 

At this point I have finished the Titan to around 90%. Missing a couple of bits of freehand and some interior detail but apart from that it's done. So here are the weapons!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Mock build.

I need to rethink some things on my warlord. Here's how he stands right now. 

So what don't I like. The head and the crotch are really throwing me. They break up the pattern too much. The base white is too clean. And the contrast at the top is too heavy. 

So I'm breaking it down and moving stuff around. 

Not on a computer at the moment so apologies for the short posts :) 
Happy painting people!