Saturday, 25 July 2015

Full Warlord Concept

Just a quick Photoshop sketch to work out what colours are going where. Still not sure about the ratio of blue or if I'll be using the fleur de lis as the pattern, might just use diamonds. Something simple either way. Want the complex stuff on the heraldry to stand out.

So here it is. God they better release a power claw soon.

Hats off to the Forgeworld team for doing such a cracking job painting, photographing and sculpting this monster. Made stealing your pictures and changing them a pleasure :)

Happy painting!


  1. Love the crackly marble white effect. Really gives that whole revered monument vibe, I can just imagine little tech priests polishing its armor.

  2. Henry,
    Loving the marble effect. I do feel it needs some sort of blue on the top portion of the model. It is a lot of similar tone in the forward view. Maybe the engine vents having a blue glue to draw the eye back to the top?