Thursday, 24 September 2015

Warlord Claw Scratchbuild

Where the "F" stands for FIST!

Now, as of this moment there is only one weapon for the warlord, and that's a travesty that I felt needed to be rectified. But not just any fist, because that would be boring, but a Saturnyne Lascutter. You don't see one of them everyday. Infact what does one even look like? Well I was thinking something like this.

I'm going to have to sculpt certain parts and hand build the majority from plasticard but it will be worth it. The cutter itself will be inset into the fist itself, much like an iron man style gauntlet.

So from my sketches there are certain parts that I can grab straight from FW kits with minimum fuss

The majority of the claws and main armament, that sits in the palm, are from a dreadclaw drop-pod.

 The eagle will have to be completely sculpted. I managed to find a rough wing sculpture on the cheap from ebay that I could press mould, then I sculpted in the feathers and details with dental tools. You can see the level of detail from the press mould at the bottom of the wing in the first picture.

I think I can use the main chunk of the Belecosa Volcano cannon as a large part of the biceps structure.

And the vents to sit above the fist as its power core.

The rest of the fist will have to be plasticard and greenstuff. Which is terrifying.

Happy painting all!


  1. What a wicked awesome idea Henry! Now just set it up so you can press a button and it launches it across the room. :)

  2. Classy way to show off the old wedding ring too ;)

    1. heheh but hells yes! Its god damn meteorite stone!

  3. Awesome idea, you are really going over board with this beast, but it will be damn worth it!

  4. I'm planning on building a lascutter as well. However my plan is to scratch build something akin to the lascutter on the knight atrapos. A long barrel with two large blades on the top and bottom. My original idea was for a claw assembly that acted both as a magnetic confinement system and as a potent melee weapon in its own right. But forgeworld beat me to the punch