Monday, 14 September 2015

Hail to mars

Well that was nice! Summer is now over, no more BBQs

My dog can finish his first brit pop album

And I can paint without it drying on the way to the model.

So I thought I would ease back into it with a little distressed metal, some custom plasticard mechanicum logos and some classic hazard stripes.

Lessons learned doing this, Vallejo Air White is piss water. Which is a shame because the rest of the range is incredible. Maybe I've got a bad batch but 4 different bottles has put me off for life. Get a terrible spitty haze no matter how much I thin it.

So here is the process, with minimal narration.

Cut out logo and used tiny slices of plasticard rod for the bolts.

Then paint it silver and give it a coat of AK interactive chipping medium once dry.

3 types of red used, 4 types of yellow and orange used. For hazard stripes over a black undercoat.


Now I didn't leave this to dry properly. And the room I was working in was still too hot so the chunks came off in big rubbery lumps of paint. Which made me swear. Always let your layers dry.

A little orange wash on the stripes and a couple of little underhighlights and im done! This plate is edged with silver to make it pop a little more. While the rest of the titan is all soft colours and regal pomp, the party definitely stops with the Mechanicum. Business time.
Safety hazard markings?
Wait? Why!? Have you seen the size of that thing?
People need to know its not a step and has moving parts.

So here it is! Going to go over the white again and the final weathering will be done when its actually finished.

Happy Painting!


  1. The under highlights make a bit difference, especially on the hazard stripe side. Nice work with the plasticard and rivets. Came out great. I think you recovered from the lumps of paint striping off pretty well. At this scale, they would be a bit larger if you ever want them to show up! (without someone getting so close they might bump the warlord!)

  2. Awesome stuff as usual. Love your progress log, but I'm always interested in the colors you used. Maybe including them in the pictures as little hints? ;)

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  4. Those cog designs look great on the model. What thickness is the plasticard you used on the model, and did you have to heat it to keep it curved on the model?